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Daily Routine


Parents/Carers are required to sign their child in and out at the start and end of every session attended. The registration sheet will be by the front door at the start and at the end of each session. If you collect your child early, please remember to sign them out and state the time - this prevents any confusion for staff in the event of a fire drill for example. Please ensure you write on the signing in sheet, who is collecting your child. In the interest of safety we cannot allow children to leave our charge unless collected by an adult - an older brother or sister is not acceptable. If you are going to be late please ring the pre-school to let a member of staff know, we can then reassure your child that you are on your way. If your child is going to be absent from school due to illness please ring pre-school to let us know: 01179 643431.


We run a daily Snackbar during each pre-school session. The children are offered fruit and a snack, and encouraged to choose when to sit down to eat and help themselves to the food. This is an important social part of our day and adults join in too! The children are offered a choice of milk or water to drink. Parents are asked to contribute 30p per morning and 10p per afternoon to cover costs, and this is added to your invoice. The snacks we provide are all vegetarian, but please let us know of any allergies or special dietary needs your child has.

Water Bottles

We have water available throughout the session, but encourage the use of a labelled bottle of water from home.

What to wear

We encourage children to explore and experiment with all kinds of materials- including messy ones- so it is best to dress your child in clothes that are easily washable and not too new. We do provide aprons for water play and art activities, but not all of these have sleeves! It is important for children to practise the skills required to make them independent when removing or putting on items of clothes- shoes with Velcro are easy to get on and off, as are trousers without belts for mastering using the toilet. We do have a pre-school uniform, which is optional but highly recommended. Green polo shirts with the pre-school logo are available to buy for £8, and Navy sweatshirts with the logo cost £8.50. Book Bags are also available to buy for £3.50. We encourage children to bring books home to share.

Notice Boards

Please ensure you read the notice boards in the hall regularly. On these you will find our planning, so you can find out what our current “Theme” is and ideas of ways you could help out. The boards also show forthcoming events, who’s who at pre-school, community links, recent Ofsted reports and other useful information.